Kongre & Etkinlikler

Conferences Organized by Nil Guler and Editor of Conference Proceedings

  • The First Global Conference on Innovational in Marine Technology and Future of Maritime Transportation, Istanbul, 2010

  • IV. National Maritime Conference, ITU Maritime Faculty, Tuzla, Istanbul 2012

  • V. National Maritime Conference, ITU Maritime Faculty, Maslak 2013

  • 1.National Vessel Traffic Operations Conference, Maslak, 2014 (in Turkish)

  • ICERS12, International Conference on Engine Room Simulators (ICERS), 2015, ITU Maritime Faculty (IMLA Conference)

  • Third annual IALA Risk Management Toolbox Workshop IALA WorldWide Academy-ITUMF, Istanbul, Turkey from 8th to 12th September 2014.

Chair in Different Forums

  • 2013 Transportation Forum (Ministry of Transport)

  • II. Maritime Forum 2000 (Ministry of Transport)

  • IV. Maritime Forum 2008 (Ministry of Transport)

  • Port Finance International 2014 (PFI)

Technical Committees

  • Scientific Organizing Committee: Ports 2000 Kongresi, Wessex Institute of Technology and University of Catalunya Politecnica.

  • 2. Maritime Forum, Limanlar ve Liman İşletmeciliği Komisyonu Başkanı (2000 Yılı için ), Organize eden kurum: Denizcilik Müsteşarlığı

  • Scientific Organizing Committee: Ports 2002 Kongresi, Wessex Institute of Technology, Rodos, Yunanistan

  • 1.City Transportation Forum, İstanbul Municipality,2000

  • Scientific Organizing Committee: Ports 2005 Conference, Wessex Institute of Technology and University of Catalunya Politecnica, Barcelona,

  • Maritime Forum 2009 Session Chair

  • Conference: The First Global Conference On Innovation In Marine Technology And The Future of Maritime Transportation 2010

International Administrative Duties

  • International Maritime Universities Association (IAMU) Executive Board (Several times)

  • Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions (BSAMI) Founder

  • Editor in different International Journals

International Projects

  • INTRAREGIO (Towards an Intermodal Transport Network through innovative research-driven clusters in Regions of organized and competitive knowledge), EU 7. Frame Program 2012- 2015

  • Dutch-Turkish Knowledge Exchange in the Field of Logistics and Intermodal Transport 2012-2014

  • FEMA Project ITU-FEMA-Turkish Government 2001-2002