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Containerization and Terminal Area Requirements

Containerization and Terminal Area Requirements


C ontainerisation is still spreading all over the world and the containerisation requirements in the ports had to be taken into account to meet national and international demand. Based on the present trends, it is expected that containerisation will be between 70% - 80% of all general cargo in the next decade.

A container terminal layout is usually based on various requirements for container storage and transfer between ship and land feeder modes. When planning a new container terminal quite a number of decisive factors have to be considered which again will lead to the type of handling system request- ing appropriate and special types of equipment.

Further decision factors are the available area, the number of shipping lines to be served, access for operational reasons and the flow of information within the port. In addition to the above basic decisive factors, further factors are the need for handling of special containers, the market analysis and forecasting for containerisation.

In this paper, after showing the increase in containerisation in the world and in Turkish Ports, the planning of container terminals, the area requirements will be discussed with a special reference to UNCTAD planning charts.