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Avrupa Birliği Deniz Ulaştırması Politikaları (Maritime Transport Policies of European Union)

Avrupa Birliği Deniz Ulaştırması Politikaları


F rom the day Treaty of Rome in 1958 has been signed, the transportation policies of European Union have been objected at removing obstacles at the frontiers between member states as a way of contributing to the free movement of persons and goods. For many years, Europen Community (later the Europen Union) did not have a maritime transport policy. Starting from the year 1986, some common policies are formed. These policies can be classified in four axes:

  • IFreedom to provide services competition, unfair pricing practices and free access to ocean trade,
  • Taking measures to improve the safety of international shipping and prevent marine pollution from ships,
  • Conditions of transport of goods and passengers and navigation rules by inland waterway,
  • Requirements concerning seaports and maritime infrastructure, quality of services in sea ports, market access to port services, and regulations related with port reception facilities for ship generated waste and cargo residuals.
  • ...