Prof. Dr. Nil GÜLER

In addition to her academic achievements, she has been involved with many activities in the field of social responsibility. Dr. Nil Güler has taken active roles in non-governmental organizations and has played an active role in numerous projects with children and women who are especially interested in science.


N il Guler is born in Balıkesir, Turkey 1952. She has completed her high school education at American College for Girls, Istanbul (Robert College) which is the first American School established by United States out of the borders of USA in a foreign country. After her high school education, she graduated from Middle East Technical University, Ankara as a Civil Engineering. After graduation, she was employed by Istanbul Technical University as a research assistant at Civil Engineering Faculty. She studied at Institute fur Informatics in Innsbrug with a scholarship by Austrian Government during 1981-1982 for six months.

She got her Ph.D. in Management at Istanbul University in 1988. Between the years 1989-1991, she studied at University of Maryland as a postdoctoral researcher. After returning to Istanbul Technical University, she was employed by Maritime Faculty as an assistant professor. In 1993 she got a scholarship from International Maritime Organization, IMO, Southampton Solvent University for 3 months.

She became full professor in 2003 at Maritime Faculty. She had many administrative duties, like being department head, and concluded as the Dean of the Faculty for two terms between the years 2008-2015. During her deanship she started the Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions with other Black Sea countries.

During her deanship, together with all academic and administrative work, she organized 2 international conferences,1 international workshop and 3 national conferences. She has also coordinated to build a dormitory for the students.

She worked in 2 international projects, one of which is a European Union Project, the other with Netherlands. She also attended the Project created by USA and Turkish government and Istanbul 2000-2001 and trained about disaster management by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

She has over 60 publications, most of them presented in different countries. She supervised around 30 graduate thesis both as master and Ph.D. She is also a member of Soroptimist which is an International Women Association since 1986.

After her Deanship has finished she worked in Istanbul Technical University Architectural Faculty between the year 2016-2017.She has retired in July 2017 from Istanbul Technical University.

Starting 2019 Spring term ,she is employed by Istanbul Bilgi University ,Civil Engineering Department.

Educational Background

  • 1978

    Middle East Technical University

    License / Civil Engineering

  • 1979

    Istanbul University

    Specialization / Institute of Business Economics

  • 1988

    Istanbul University

    Doctorate / Faculty of Management

  • 1996

    Istanbul Technical University / ÜAK

    Associate professor / Transportation, Construction

  • 2003

    Istanbul Technical University

    Professor / Maritime Transportation Management Engineering